Islington Tribune: John Massey disappears from Pentonville Prison after rope trick

Posted on 29 June, 2012


Islington Tribune

BRITAIN’s longest-serving prisoner, who has been described as an old-school criminal, is now on the run after staging an old-school breakout from Pentonville Prison on Wednesday. It is believed he scaled the wall with a makeshift rope ladder.

John Massey, 64, from Kentish Town, is a convicted murderer but he has gained some  sympathy after his 35 years behind bars, not least because when he absconded from a halfway house while on parole five years ago, it was to visit his dying father in the Royal Free Hospital. In 2010, he broke parole a second time to see his dying sister. Critics have argued that the family of Massey’s victim – Hackney nightclub doorman Charlie Higgins who he shot with a sawn-off shotgun in 1975 – had no chance to say their farewells.

Massey, who has spent around 35 years behind bars, evaded his guards to clamber the wall at about 6.30pm on Wednesday, triggering a massive man hunt. Police have warned people not to approach him if they spot him, but instead to call 999. Read more here…

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