Camden New Journal: ‘We can help you,’ therapist Kenny D’Cruz tells dealers who pushed him in canal

Posted on 28 June, 2012


Camden New Journal

A THERAPIST who feared he would drown in Regent’s Canal has offered to help the drug dealers who pushed him in.

Kenny D’Cruz, 47, was walking at Camden Lock with his fiancée and a friend from the  therapy group he runs at the Pirate Castle in Oval Road, Camden Town, when he was stopped by two men who offered to sell him drugs. When he refused they pushed him in the water.

Cold and dragged down by his heavy bag, Mr D’Cruz thought he was going to die.

“Before I knew it I was pushed in the water,” he said. “It was quite a shock. I couldn’t touch the bottom, I was too far from the bank.

“I kept going under because I couldn’t get the bag off me. When I finally got to the bank, I couldn’t pull myself out because I was so heavy and tired.” A passing cyclist stopped to help him out of the water. Read more here…

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