Camden New Journal: French street artist Mr Brainwash rumoured to be behind mural of The Beatles

Posted on 11 June, 2012


Camden New Journal

The Beatles, Mr BrainwashTEN foot high images of The Beatles wearing bandanas have popped up on the side of an old sorting office in Holborn.

They appeared in Museum Street next to a picture of The Queen and a royal guardsman on Thursday. The Queen and soldier are shown with cheeky grins and tins of paint.

It is thought the work is by Banksy’s associate, French street artist Mr Brainwash – and the paste-ups have fuelled rumours of a Mr Brainwash, aka Thierry Guetta, exhibition at the venue this summer.

Sarah Goodger, 28, who works in The Old Crown opposite the mural, said: “I was here the other day when it was going up. The amount of people who were in here, taking photos, people loved it. We are open until three and people were going out taking pictures, doing stupid poses then coming back in to carry on dancing. It was great.” Read more here…

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